Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Adds the flag om_enable_rabbitmq_high_availablity. Setting this to true will enable both durable queues and classic mirrored queues in RabbitMQ. Note that classic queue mirroring and transient (aka non-durable) queues are deprecated and subject to removal in RabbitMQ version 4.0 (date of release unknown). Changes the pattern used in classic mirroring to exclude some queue types. This pattern is ^(?!(amq\\.)|(.*_fanout_)|(reply_)).*.

  • Adds support for container state control through systemd in kolla_docker. Every container logs only to journald and has it’s own unit file in /etc/systemd/system named kolla-<container name>-container.service. Systemd control is implemented in new file ansible/module_utils/

  • Adds the command kolla-ansible validate-config. This runs oslo-config-validator against the configurgation files present in the deployed OpenStack services. By default, results are saved to /var/log/kolla/config-validate

  • Adds ovn-monitor-all variable. A boolean value that tells if ovn-controller should unconditionally monitor all records in OVS databases. Setting ovn-monitor-all variable to ‘true’ will remove some CPU load from OVN SouthBound DB but will effect with more updates comming to ovn-controller. Might be helpfull in large deployments with many compute hosts.

  • Adds the ability to configure rabbitmq via rabbitmq_extra_config which can be overriden in globals.yml.

Upgrade Notes

  • skydive service deployment support has been dropped, following removal of Kolla skydive images.

  • OpenStack services (except Ironic and Keystone) stopped supporting the system scope in their API policy. Kolla who started using the system scope token during the OpenStack Xena release needs to revert it and use the project scope token to perform those services API operations. The Ironic and Keystone operations are still performed using the system scope token.

Bug Fixes

  • The value of [oslo_messaging_rabbit] heartbeat_in_pthread is explicitly set to either true for wsgi applications, or false otherwise.

  • Fix issue with octavia config generation when using octavia_auto_configure and the genconfig command. Note that access to the OpenStack API is necessary for Octavia auto configuration to work, even when generating config. See LP#1987299 for more details.

  • Fixes OVN deployment order - as recommended in OVN docs. LP#1979329

  • Fixes an issue where some prechecks would fail or not run when running in check mode. LP#2002657

  • In HA mode, parallel restart of neutron-l3-agent containers will cause a network outage. Adding routers increases the recovery time. This release makes restarts serial and adds a user-configurable delay to ensure each agent is returned to operation before the next one is restarted.

    The default value is 0. A nonzero starting value would only result in outages if the failover time was greater than the delay, which would be more difficult to diagnose than consistent behaviour.

  • Prevent haproxy-config role from attempting to configure firewalld during a kolla-ansible genconfig. LP#2002522