Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Allow metric_dimensions filter to filter on multiple dimension values, on alarms count endpoint (IE metric_dimension=hostname:host1|host2). This brings the query parameters into parity between the alarms list and alarms count endpoints. This also restores functionality that was available on the deprecated java api.

Upgrade Notes

  • Due to CVE-2018-1288, Apache Kafka has been upgraded to version in devstack. It is the recommended version for Monasca in stable/pike and older. Because of existing old consumers, Kafka log message format option log.message.format.version should be set to 0.9.0.


Upgrade Notes

Other Notes

  • Removed maintaining the example of configuration file. The file was removed from the tree, however it can be generated using oslo.config generator feature. Devstack plugin has been also migrated to use it.