Pike Series Release Notes


Other Notes

  • Enabled possibility of specifying the CLI arguments, when launching monasca-log-api, for cases where API is not deployed using Gunicorn server.

  • Refactored project tree into more predictable and organized one. Old tree had everythin mixed up between different locations, and it was very difficult to follow the code.



Matching OpenStack projects in configuration handling.

Upgrade Notes

  • Documentation handling of monasca-log-api has been migrated to match OpenStack process

Deprecation Notes

  • Usage of Markdown based documentation has been deprecated. It will not be maintained and in future removed from the project

Other Notes

  • Removed configuration file from project tree. It is now generated via oslo-config-generator utility. Moved all the code where configuration options are registered into single location to mimic the configuration file (i.e. provide single place as it was with configuration file). Removed final place where configuration is duplicated. In other words person providing and/or modyfying options could have been forced to include them also in the configuration file held in the tree. Not the only place where it is required is Python codebase. Devstack plugin is also using new utility to provide configuration for monasca-log-api launched inside the VM or Gate environment.