Mitaka Series Release Notes

Mitaka Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix Downloading Package blocks downloading next package. Use ‘tables.LinkAction’ instead of ‘tables.Action’ for DownloadPackage table action.


Security Issues

  • cve-2016-4972 has been addressed. In ceveral places Murano used loaders inherited directly from yaml.Loader when parsing MuranoPL and UI files from packages. This is unsafe, because this loader is capable of creating custom python objects from specifically constructed yaml files. With this change all yaml loading operations are done using safe loaders instead.



Murano-dashboard now supports python3

New Features

  • Add details page for packages, The details page will show more info to user, such as FQN, Description, etc.

  • Requirements for the flavor field accepts ‘max_vcpus’ ‘max_disk’ and ‘max_memory_mb’. Previously only minimum values can be specified in the flavor requirements.

  • Added :filter by ‘KeyWord’ in package definition can matches all the package parameters like name, tags ..etc.

  • When using glare the endpoint for client is now ‘artifact’ since glare has been moved to a separate service

  • Version of Dynamic UI is increased to 2.3 due to password field update. Now password supports validator overloading and control of automatic password conformation field insertion. * If regexpValidator is provided, default complex check for numbers, capital and small letters in the password is not performed. Also, several validators with corresponding Dynamic UI field may be used. * confirmInput parameter is supported now for controlling whether password field should be cloned or not. If application author decided to turn off automatic field cloning, he should set the new parameter to false.

Upgrade Notes


Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to use any symbols in environments name.

  • Filter by ‘Name’ in package definition only matches package name.

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