Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • If a UI definition of the murano-applications has regex validation for input field then before generating html an additional attribute called ‘data-validations’ will be added to the form. This attribute has an array of objects. These objects have regex patterns and error messages. When filling a Murano-Applications form input fields will be validated by js script.

  • A new button, called “Deployment History”, has been added to the Environments > Applications view. When clicked, the deployment history view is loaded, which shows deployments for all environments for the current project (tenant).

  • Added a widget to display and select available volumes and volume snapshots.

Bug Fixes

  • Introduce a fixed network mode for environments. Specifically, when this mode is activated, in the environment creation dialog user is no longer prompted for a network and instead a network previously assigned to the current project is used.

    Network is assigned to project using project metadata key (custom) with network ID as the value. Specify this metadata key in Horizon config to be able to use it

    This behavior is disabled by default and could be enabled by adding:


    to the Horizon configuration.