Ocata Series Release Notes


Other Notes

  • Since Newton release, heat is available as a devstack plugin. So we remove heat as enable_service in devstack.


New Features

  • It is now possible to configure the notifications to use a different transport URL than the RPCs. These could potentially be completely different message broker hosts (though they doesn’t need to be). If the notification-specific configuration is not provided, the notifier will use the same transport as the RPCs.

  • It is now possible to make a GET request to ‘/deployments’ endpoint. This will result in deployments for all environments in a specific project (tenant) being returned.

  • /environments/ENV_ID/model/PATH endpoint added. GET request responds with the subsection of ENV_ID’s object model located in its PATH. PATCH request applies json-patch from request body to ENV_ID’s model. It does not contain PATH in the URL.

  • io.murano.system.HeatStack.push can be called with async => true flag for asynchronous push

  • “List Environments” API call is now able to filter environments by an owner project (tenant).

  • Added a MetadataAware mixin class capable to retrieve the metadata attributes from the implementing objects and all its parents.

  • Added a metadata() yaql function to retrieve the meta information about the object, stored in the “?/metadata” section of object model.

  • Added classes that represent OpenStack user and project

  • Added ability to retrieve current user and project info

  • Added ability to retrieve environment owner user and project info

Known Issues

  • If a VM being a part of some shared-ip group is attached to the network which is not owned by the current tenant (shared network) a policy violation may occur thus failing the deployment.

Bug Fixes

  • added default rules to NeutronSecurityGroupManager to avoid error if createDefaultInstanceSecurityGroupRules() method isn’t extended in inheritor and SecurityGroups isn’t created in application with call of addGroupIngress() method.

  • Now admin can delete user’s environments.

  • It is now possible to make a PUT request with body equal to ‘[]’ to ‘/environments/<env_id>/services’ endpoint. This will result in removing all apps from current session. This allows deleting the last application from environment from CLI.

  • Fixed ‘io.murano.SharedIp’ class to properly wotk in muti-region environments.

  • Previously Cinder Volumes created in MuranoPL were not released correctly on object destruction. The issue is now fixed.

  • Murano no longer specifies fixed-ip parameter for ports when creating VMs attached to networks owned and shared by other tenants. Specifying this parameter for non-owned networks could cause violation of neutron policies.

  • It is now possible to use version specifications like ‘=0.0.0’ when semantic_version library version ‘2.3.1’ is installed. Previously such specifications caused an error and ‘==0.0.0’ had to be used.

Other Notes

  • Bumped the RUNTIME_VERSION attribute to 1.5