Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A configuration file setting [engine]/agent_source was added. The value is then used for the pip install command to install the murano-agent. Since pip accepts http and git URLs, this can be used to install agent from the custom git repo or install version other than the latest.

  • Add notifications about environment events that are required for tracking. These are AMQP notifications and oslo.messaging library is used for sending them. The follow event types are provided: environment.deploy.end, environment.delete.end, environment.exists There are 2 new configuration options controlling these notifications: stats.env_audit_period, env_audit_enabled.

  • Murano engine can be configured to sign all the RabbitMQ messages sent to the agents. When the RSA key is provided, engine will provide agents with its public part and sign all the messages sent. Agents then will ignore any command that was not sent by the engine.