Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The IPVPN bgpvpn/router fallback mechanism has been improved. This mechanism allows traffic not matching any VRF route in the distributed BGPVPN implementation of bagpipe, to “fallback” and reach a Neutron router connected on the network. The implementation has been simplified and the risk removed of not reaching VRF destinations because of a stale ARP entry for the gateway IP. This improvement comes with the requirement of using the OpenVSwitch security group firewall driver on any node having both the l3agent and VMs with a need to reach BGPVPN destinations (e.g. single node setup or DVR setup).


New Features

  • Base support was added to allow the use of ‘bagpipe’ driver for networking-bgpvpn with the linuxbridge compute node agent, using the kernel network stack MPLS implementation. This is usable although not fully complete yet (see bug 1627902).