Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • bagpipe-bgp now supports E-VPN with OVS thanks to this new dataplane driver, BGPVPNs of type L2 can now be supported, with both linuxbridge and OVS

  • the project now supports the features required for the bgpvpn-routes-control API extension, including: control of local_pref, control of per port routes, control of redistribution of routes between BGPVPN with next-hop modified to point to a port.

  • Rewrite of the IPVPN dataplane driver for OVS, mainly with the objective of implementing ECMP using OVS select groups instead of the multipath action (which requires maintaining per-flow state in the datapath, losing wildcarding).

  • networking-bagpipe now provides a driver for the networking-sfc project. Using the bagpipe sfc driver will result in the use of BGPVPN stiching route redistribution, and BGP flowspec for the realisation of a service chain defined by the networking-sfc API.

Bug Fixes

  • The IPVPN bgpvpn/router fallback mechanism has been improved. This mechanism allows traffic not matching any VRF route in the distributed BGPVPN implementation of bagpipe, to “fallback” and reach a Neutron router connected on the network. The implementation has been simplified and the risk removed of not reaching VRF destinations because of a stale ARP entry for the gateway IP. This improvement comes with the requirement of using the OpenVSwitch security group firewall driver on any node having both the l3agent and VMs with a need to reach BGPVPN destinations (e.g. single node setup or DVR setup).