Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds a new config option, ngs_switchport_mode to the Dell PowerConnect driver.

  • Add HPE device type to enable communication with the HPE 5900 series switches that use comware5 netconf.

  • Adds a new device driver, netmiko_dell_powerconnect, for managing Dell PowerConnect switch devices.

  • Adds a new driver, netmiko_juniper, for Juniper Junos OS devices.

    The private configuration mode is used in order to provide a level of isolation between sessions, and to ensure that uncommitted changes are not left on the switch following a failure to commit the configuration.

    Configuration errors are handled by ensuring that the commit operation is successful.

    A retry mechanism is used to handle temporary failures due to multiple sessions attempting to lock the Junos OS configuration database concurrently. The retry mechanism is configured via the configuration options ngs_commit_interval and ngs_commit_timeout.

Known Issues


New Features

  • Adds a new configuration option [genericswitch:<switch name>] ngs_port_default_vlan, which is optional. If ngs_port_default_vlan is set to a VLAN ID, the switch’s interfaces will be restored to that VLAN when ports are unbound.

  • Adds a new device driver, netmiko_ruijie, for managing Ruijie switch devices.

Bug Fixes