Train Series (2.0.0 - 2.1.x) Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds a new device driver, netmiko_mellanox_mlnxos, for managing Mellanox MLNX-OS based switch devices

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with the netmiko_juniper driver, which could unnecessarily fail operations if concurrent configuration of a switch is performed. See story 2006220 for details.

  • Fixes an issue when creating or deleting a network, a failure to apply this change to any device would not cause the operation to fail. This could leave the network in an inconsistent state. See story 2006222 <!/story/2006222>`__ for details.


Upgrade Notes

  • Removes support for device drivers that accept only a single argument for their del_network method. All device drivers must now accept a segmentation ID and a network ID in their del_network method.