Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • networking-hyperv can now be installed through its own devstack plugin. This is mandatory when using the “hyperv” ML2 mechanism driver.

    Including the following line in the devstack local.conf file will enable the plugin: enable_plugin networking-hyperv https://github.com/openstack/networking-hyperv

Upgrade Notes

  • The agents no longer use implicit/default vSwitches. The default ‘private’ local network vSwitch is no longer used and need to be explicitly configured. Also, in case of physical networks that are not included in the physical network mappings, the agent no longer attempts to implicitly use a vSwitch that has the same name.

  • Configured vSwitches are now validated before the agent starts. If any vSwitch is unavailable (missing or having OVS extension enabled), the agent will fail to start.