Mitaka Series Release Notes

Mitaka Series Release Notes



Generation of sample Neutron FWaaS configuration files.

Enable quotas for FWaaS.

New Features

  • Neutron FWaaS no longer includes static example configuration files. Instead, use tools/ to generate them. The files are generated with a .sample extension.

  • The FWaaS extension will register quotas. The default values for quota_firewall and quota_firewall_policy are set to 10. The default value for quota_firewall_rule is set to 100. Quotas can be adjusted in the conf files, including -1 values to allow unlimited.

Known Issues

  • Tenants may receive a 409 Conflict error with a message body containing a quota exceeded message during resource creation if their quota is exceeded.

Other Notes

  • Operators that increase the default limit for quota_routers from 10 may want to bump FWaaS quotas as well, since with router insertion a tenant can potentially have a unique policy and firewall for each router.

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