Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


  • FWaaS V1 is being removed from the neutron-fwaas repo. Because FWaaS V2 has been available since the Newton release.

Upgrade Notes

  • The FWaaS V1 source code will not be available in neutron-fwaas repo from Stein. neutron-fwaas-migrate-v1-to-v2 can be used for migrating V1 object to V2 model.


Resource type firewall group has been supported for neutron packet logging framework. You can specify firewall group as --resource-type for logging API.

New Features

  • Enable to collect network packet log for ACCEPT/DROP action from firewall groups. Currently, packet logging supports only L3(router) ports.

Known Issues

  • [bug 1720727] Currently, we cannot specify the following combination on CLI due to missing validation of –resource-type:

    • –resource-type firewall_group –resource <ID of firewall group>
    • –resource-type firewall_group –resource <ID of firewall group> –target <ID of port>

    Therefore, you can only run with following combinations:

    • –resource-type firewall_group –target <ID of port>
    • –resource-type firewall_group
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