Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The os_swift role has 3 new variables that will allow a deployer to change the hard, soft and fs.file-max limits. the hard and soft limits are being added to the limits.conf file for the swift system user. The fs.file-max settings are added to storage hosts via kernel tuning. The new options are swift_hard_open_file_limits with a default of 10240 swift_soft_open_file_limits with a default of 4096 swift_max_file_limits with a default of 24 times the value of swift_hard_open_file_limits.


Bug Fixes

  • Previously, the ansible_managed var was being used to insert a header into the swift.conf that contained date/time information. This meant that swift.conf across different nodes did not have the same MD5SUM, causing swift-recon --md5 to break. We now insert a piece of static text instead to resolve this issue.


New Features

  • Allow the fallocate_reserve option to be set (in bytes) for Swift, to help prevent disks from filling up and prevent a situation where Swift is unable to remove objects due to a lack of disk space. The fallocate_reserve value to is set to a default of 10GB.

  • Enable rsync module per object server drive by setting the swift_rsync_module_per_drive setting to True. Set this to configure rsync and swift to utilise individual configuration per drive. This is required when disabling rsyncs to individual disks. For example, in a disk full scenario.

Upgrade Notes

  • The swift_max_rsync_connections default value has changed from 2 to 4 in order to match the OpenStack swift documented value.


Bug Fixes

  • The XFS filesystem is excluded from the daily mlocate crond job in order to conserve disk IO for large IOPS bursts due to updatedb/mlocate file indexing.