Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The os_swift role now supports the swift3 middleware, allowing access to swift via the Amazon S3 API. This feature can enabled by setting swift_swift3_enabled to true.


New Features

  • New variables have been added to allow a deployer to customize a swift systemd unit file to their liking.

  • The task dropping the swift systemd unit files now uses the config_template action plugin allowing deployers access to customize the unit files as they see fit without having to load extra options into the defaults and polute the generic systemd unit file with jinja2 variables and conditionals.


New Features

  • Capping the default value for the variable swift_proxy_server_workers to 16 when the user doesn’t configure this variable and if the swift proxy is in a container. Default value is half the number of vCPUs available on the machine if the swift proxy is not in a container. Default value is half the number of vCPUs available on the machine with a capping value of 16 if the proxy is in a container.


New Features

  • CentOS7/RHEL support has been added to the os_swift role.

  • The swift_rsync_reverse_lookup option has been added. This setting will handle whether rsync performs reverse lookups on client IP addresses, and will default to False. We recommend leaving this option at False, unless DNS or host entries exist for each swift host’s replication address.

  • When using the pypy python interpreter you can configure the garbage collection (gc) settings for pypy. Set the minimum GC value using the swift_pypy_gc_min variable. GC will only happen when the memory size is above this value. Set the maximum GC value using the swift_pypy_gc_max variable. This is the maximum memory heap size for pypy. Both variables are not defined by default, and will only be used if the values are defined and swift_pypy_enabled is set to True.

  • Swift tempauth users now be specified. The swift_tempauth_users variable can be defined as a list of tempauth users, and their permissions. You will still need to specify the appropriate Swift middleware using the swift_middleware_list variable, in order to utilise tempauth.

  • Swift versioned_writes middleware is added to the pipeline by default. Additionally the allow_versioned_writes settings in the middleware configuration is set to True. This follows the Swift defaults, and enables the use of the X-History-Location metadata Header.

Upgrade Notes

  • The variables swift_requirements_git_repo and swift_requirements_git_install_branch have been removed in favour of using the URL/path to the upper-constraints file using the variable pip_install_upper_constraints instead.

  • The default behaviour of rsync, to perform reverse lookups, has been changed to False. This can be set to True by setting the swift_rsync_reverse_lookup variable to True.