Pike release

  • As of the Pike release, the complete documentation suite that resided within the openstack-manuals repository has been reworked, and the content of the following guides has been moved to the project team repositories:

    • Installation Guide

    • Administration Guide

    • 고객 사용자 가이드

    • Command-Line (CLI) Reference

    • Configuration Reference

  • All of the documentation builds (except for release notes and the api-ref) have been combined so that each repository has a single doc/source directory, a single sphinx conf.py, and a single job for building and publishing the content including developer, contributor, and user documentation.

  • The Operations Guide is in the process of being migrated to the OpenStack wiki. It is unavailable on docs.openstack.org from Pike.

컨트리뷰터 가이드

  • Added content about the new release process.

  • Updated guide to be relevant for updated openstack-manuals.

  • 일반적인 버그 픽스와 업데이트.

보안 가이드

  • Updated Keystone Checklists

  • Rework of ‘node hardening’ section

  • 문법과 잘못된 하이퍼링크와 같은 다양한 버그가 수정.

트레이닝 랩

  • Support for the new OpenStack release will be available shortly after the release of Pike.

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements in the host scripts.