Queens release

Documentation Contributor Guide

Available from the OpenStack Documentation Contributor Guide.

  • Renamed from Contributor Guide to Documentation Contributor Guide to distinguish this document from the new document aimed at all new OpenStack contributors.

  • Updated for changes with regard to migrating documentation from openstack-manuals to project team repositories.

  • Added a new 2017/2018 documentation team vision document.

컨트리뷰터 가이드

Available from the OpenStack Contributor Guide.

  • This is a new document that aims to provide common documentation for all OpenStack Contributors and help with on-boarding efforts.


국제화 (i18n) 팀은 기존의 번역 된 매뉴얼을 업데이트하는 것 외에도 다음과 같은 새로운 매뉴얼을 추가했습니다.

  • [DE] Added Security Guide, Installation Guide, I18n Guide, and FirstApp API Guide

  • [ID] Added Security Guide, Installation Guide, I18n Guide

  • [JA] Added I18n Guide

  • [ko_KR] Added Installation Guide

  • [tr_TR] Added Security Guide