Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add a field to vendor cloud profiles to indicate active, deprecated and shutdown status. A message to the user is triggered when attempting to use cloud with either deprecated or shutdown status.

Bug Fixes

  • Refactor OpenStackConfig._fix_backward_madness() into OpenStackConfig.magic_fixes() that allows subclasses to inject more fixup magic into the flow during get_one_cloud() processing.

  • Reverse the order of option selction in OpenStackConfig._validate_auth() to prefer auth options passed in (from argparse) over those found in clouds.yaml. This allows the application to override config profile auth settings.

Other Notes

  • Add citycloud regions for Buffalo, Frankfurt, Karlskrona and Los Angles

  • Add new DreamCompute cloud and deprecate DreamHost cloud


New Features

  • Added helper method for constructing OpenStack SDK Connection objects.

  • Added helper method for constructing shade OpenStackCloud objects.

Deprecation Notes

  • Renamed session_client to make_rest_client. session_client will continue to be supported for backwards compatability.


New Features

  • Support added for configuring metadata about networks for a cloud in a list of dicts, rather than in the external_network and internal_network entries. The dicts support a name, a routes_externally field, a nat_destination field and a default_interface field.

Deprecation Notes

  • external_network and internal_network are deprecated and should be replaced with the list of network dicts.