Pike Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • Fixed a regression when using latest os-client-config with the keystoneauth from stable/newton. Although this isn’t a super common combination, the added feature that broke the interaction is really not worthy of the incompatibility, so a workaround was added.


New Features

  • Add support for passing Ironic microversion to the ironicclient constructor in get_legacy_client.

  • Added a flag, ‘load_yaml_config’ that defaults to True. If set to false, no clouds.yaml files will be loaded. This is beneficial if os-client-config wants to be used inside of a service where end-user clouds.yaml files would make things more confusing.

  • Add min_version and max_version to get_legacy_client and to get_session_endpoint. At the moment this is only really fully plumbed through for cinder, which has extra special fun around volume, volumev2 and volumev3. Min and max versions to both methods will look through the options available in the service catalog and try to return the latest one available from the span of requested versions. This means a user can say volume_api_version=None, min_version=2, max_version=3 will get an endpoint from get_session_endpoint or a Client from cinderclient that will be either v2 or v3 but not v1. In the future, min and max version for get_session_endpoint should be able to sort out appropriate endpoints via version discovery, but that does not currently exist.