Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The ovs plugin has been extended to support vhost-user interfaces. vhost-user is a userspace protocol for high speed virtual networking introduced in qemu 2.1 and first supported in ovs 2.4 with dpdk 2.0

  • The ovs plugin has been modified to ensure that the specified OVS bridge that the vif will be attached to has been created. If the OVS bridge does not exist, it will be created with the proper datapath_type.

Bug Fixes

  • The OpenVSwitch plugin was registered with an entrypoint name of “ovs”, but its describe method mistakenly reported that its name was “ovs_hybrid”. The latter has been fixed to match the registered name.

  • os-vif plugins were previously incorrectly registered in both the and setup.cfg. All plugin registration have been removed form the as they were not used and may have blocked registration of out of tree plugins.

  • The ovs plugin now handles vifs of type VIFOpenVSwitch properly. Before, it would improperly create an extraneous linux bridge and veth pair attached to the target OVS bridge.



Initial release of os-vif

New Features

  • There is an object model describing the different ways a virtual network interface can be configured on the host. There is a plugin API contract defined to enable configuration of the host OS to match a desired VIF setup There is an object model describing the plugins available on the host. Two built-in plugins provide support for Linux Bridge and OpenVSwitch integration on Linux compute hosts.