Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • New port profiles have been added to describe vhostuser fast path VIFs. In particular fast path vhostuser ports can be used with ovs, linuxbridge and calico networks. Thus for each kind of network a dedicated port profile class has been defined.

  • The vhostuser vif object has been modified to add the name of the vhostuser port. Previously to this modification, it was responsibility of ovs plugin to compute such name. This should not be necessary with this new field. Because of this new field the VIFVHostUser object version has been updated accordingly (to 1.1).

  • In the ocata cycle support was added for setting the MTU of vhost-user port with ovs.

  • vhost-user MTU support enable jumbo frames to be used with vhost-user interfaces.

  • vhost-user reconnect is a new feature of qemu that allows a vhost-user frontend(e.g. qemu) to reconnect to a vhost-user backend (e.g. ovs with dpdk) in the event that backend is restarted while the interface is in use. vhost-user reconnect leverages qemu vhost-user server mode with ovs-dpdk in client mode. This configuration requires ovs 2.6 with dpdk 16.07 and qemu 2.7 or newer to function. When qemu server mode is used with older qemu versions such as 2.5, vhost-user will still function with ovs 2.6 and dpdk 16.07, however, reconnect functionality will not be available.

Bug Fixes

  • The use of contextlib and with nested statements is deprecated. “with nested” statements are not python 3 compatible as with statement now directly support context managers. The use of contextlib and “with nested” statements has been removed from all unittests in favor of the @mock decorator syntax.

Other Notes

  • vhost-user MTU support requires ovs 2.6 or newer. On older versions of ovs, the MTU request will not be made and jumbo frames are not supported.