Ocata Series Release Notes



Configuration option type of HostAddressOpt added to accept and validate both IP addresses and hostnames. Please refer to the features section for more information.

New Features

  • Configuration option type of HostAddressOpt added to accept both valid IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) values as well as hostnames. The HostAddressOpt will accept both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ensure that strict checks are performed on the IP versions. This option type will also accept and accurately validate hostnames ensuring that no invalid IP passes as a valid hostname.


New Features

  • Add default config-dir paths if no –config-dir switches are given on the command line. This is similar to the default config-file handling oslo.config already supports. If no –config-dir switches are given, oslo.config searches now in a couple of directories (depending on the given project name) for config file snippets. Non-existing directories are simply skipped. The directories, if no project name is given, are:

    • ~/${prog}.conf.d/

    • /etc/${prog}.conf.d/

    Only the first directory is used if that is available. If a project is given, the directories searched is a bit more complicated. 2 directories are searched, first search is for the project related dir:

    • ~/.${project}/${project}.conf.d/

    • ~/${project}.conf.d/

    • /etc/${project}/${project}.conf.d/

    • /etc/${project}.conf.d/

    Then for the program name related configs, the following directories are searched:

    • ~/.${project}/${prog}.conf.d/

    • ~/${prog}.conf.d/

    • /etc/${project}/${prog}.conf.d/

    • /etc/${prog}.conf.d/

Upgrade Notes

  • Similar to ‘default_config_files’, ‘default_config_dirs’ is no longer an allowed config key. If that key is used, a ValueError() will be raised.

Other Notes

  • Adding some default config-dirs makes it possible to use config dir snippets also in wsgi environments (like Apache) where it is not easily possible to pass command line parameters to a wsgi app.