Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support for accessing configuration data in environment variables via the environment backend driver, enabled by default. The environment is checked after command line options, but before configuration files.

    Environment variables are checked for any configuration data. The variable names take the form:

    • A prefix of OS_

    • The group name, uppercased

    • Separated from the option name by a __ (double underscore)

    • Followed by the name

    For an option that looks like this in the usual INI format:

    connection = sqlite:///

    the corresponding environment variable would be OS_PLACEMENT_DATABASE__CONNECTION.


New Features

  • A validator for config files is now available. When run against a config file, it will report an error for any options present that aren’t defined in the service and will report a warning for any deprecated options in the file. In order to discover the available options for a service, it can either use the sample config generator configuration file or a machine-readable sample config generated elsewhere.