2023.1 Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • Load Balancer Health Check for Floating IPs are not populated with the protocol port. At this way, when a backend is detected on ERROR state requests to the Floating IP are still distribute to the ERROR’ed members. In order to fix the existing Load Balancer Health Checks it is required to recreate the entire Octavia Health Monitor, which will recreate the associated OVN Load Balancer Health Check(s).

Upgrade Notes

  • In order to support the new ‘device_owner’ for OVN Load Balancer Health Monitor ports this version requires a Neutron version > 23.0.0rc2

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1997418] Added the protocol port to the Load Balancer Health Check associated with the Floating IP, additional fields have been introduced to the external_ids to provide more accuracy information about the entities affected by any change over the Floating IP or LB VIP.

  • A maintenance task process has been added to update the existing OVN LB HM ports to the new behaviour defined. Specifically, the “device_owner” field needs to be updated from network:distributed to ovn-lb-hm:distributed. Additionally, the “device_id” will be populated during update action.

Other Notes

  • A maintenance task thread has been added to work on periodic and one-shot tasks that also allows the future changes to perform the needed upgrades actions.