Xena Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • Load Balancer Health Check for Floating IPs are not populated with the protocol port. At this way, when a backend is detected on ERROR state requests to the Floating IP are still distribute to the ERROR’ed members. In order to fix the existing Load Balancer Health Checks it is required to recreate the entire Octavia Health Monitor, which will recreate the associated OVN Load Balancer Health Check(s).

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1997418] Added the protocol port to the Load Balancer Health Check associated with the Floating IP, additional fields have been introduced to the external_ids to provide more accuracy information about the entities affected by any change over the Floating IP or LB VIP.


Bug Fixes

  • Creating members without specifying a subnet ID is now supported. Since the subnet ID is an optional API argument, if not given the provider driver will now attempt to look it up via the pool ID that is a required argument.


New Features

  • The OVN Octavia provider drvier now supports health monitoring. TCP and UDP Connect health monitors are now supported by the provider driver, when the underlying OVN version supports them. The health monitor uses the OVN distributed DHCP port as the source IP for messages by default, if one doesn’t exist then a port will be created on each given subnet. The list of member ports to monitor is updated whenever one is created or deleted.


New Features

  • Add support for the SCTP protocol in the OVN provider driver.



OVN Octavia provider driver has been created from the networking-ovn repository.

Upgrade Notes

  • OVN Octavia Provider driver registers under the same entry point. There is no action to be done from operator side.

Bug Fixes

  • OVN Octavia provider driver now supports both TCP and UDP pool/listener protocols configured in the same Octavia Load Balancer.