Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new aodh::policy::enforce_scope parameter has been added to support the corresponding parameter in oslo.policy library.

  • The new aodh::policy::enforce_new_defaults parameter has been added.


New Features

  • The new aodh::healthcheck class has been added. This class manages parameters of healthcheck middlware in oslo.middleware.

  • The new parameters have been added to support workers option in each aodh services.

    • aodh::evaluator::workers

    • aodh::listener::workers

    • aodh::notifier::workers

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated parameters of the aodh::auth class have been removed.

    • project_domain_id

    • user_domain_id

    • auth_tenant_name

    • auth_tenant_id

Deprecation Notes

  • Default value of the aodh::evaluator::coordination_url parameter has been changed from undef to $::os_service_default. Usage of undef or false value has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use $::os_service_default instead.

  • The aodh::auth class has been deprecated. Use the new aodh::service_credentials class instead.


Upgrade Notes

  • Now policy.yaml is used by default instead of policy.json.


New Features

  • Adds db_sync_timeout parameter to db sync.

Deprecation Notes

  • allow_insecure_clients option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.

  • The following options have been deprecated, as those options have been moved to aodh::db class.

    • aodh::database_connection

    • aodh::slave_connection

    • aodh::database_idle_timeout

    • aodh::database_max_overflow

    • aodh::database_max_pool_size

    • aodh::database_max_retries

    • aodh::database_retry_interval


New Features

  • The new aodh::keystone::authtoken::service_type parameter has been added to configure the service_type parameter in authtoken middleware.