Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The barbican class now installs the barbican-common package. Status of the package can be customized by the barbican::package_ensure parameter.

  • The barbican::purge_config parameter has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • Default value of the barbican::wsgi::apache::ssl parameter has been changed from true to false and now ssl is disabled by default.

  • CentOS 8 Stream and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 are no longer supported by this module.

Deprecation Notes

  • The barbican::api::client_package_ensure parameter has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. This parameter has had no effect.

  • The following parameters of the barbican::api class have been deprecated and have no effect now.

    • use_ssl

    • cert_file

    • key_file

    • ca_file