Xena Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The following parameter and class have been added, to support usage of the service token feature with the Barbican key manager.

    • The cinder::key_manager::barbican::send_service_user_token parameter

    • The cinder::key_manager::barbican::service_user class

  • Add new parameter cinder::backend::pure::pure_eradicate_on_delete which allows setting of the pure_eradicate_on_delete option on the managed cinder backend for PureStorage.

  • Add new parameter cinder::backend::pure::pure_iscsi_cidr which allows setting of the pure_iscsi_cidr option on the managed cinder backend for PureStorage.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1986518: The cinder::backend::iscsi defined resource type now modifies the /etc/tgt/targets.conf file in Ubuntu and Debian, so that cinder can set up iscsi targets correctly.


New Features

  • The new cinder::logging::watch_log_file parameter has been added.

  • Adds new purge_config parameter. When set to true, the policy file is cleared during configuration process. This allows to remove any existing rules before applying them or clean the file when all policies got removed.

Upgrade Notes

  • The cinder::backup::tsm class has been removed.


Upgrade Notes

  • The cinder::backend::dellemc_powerstore::powerstore_appliances parameter has been removed.

  • The parameters for v2 API support have been removed from the cinder::keystone::auth class.

Deprecation Notes

  • The cinder::enable_v3_api parameter has been deprecated.


New Features

  • Added parameter backup_swift_create_storage_policy to cinder::backup::swift class.

  • The new cinder::cors class has been added.

  • Now the cinder class supports the following two parameters.

    • cinder_internal_tenant_project_id

    • cinder_internal_tenant_user_id

  • The new pure_host_personality parameter has been added to cinder::backend::pure

Upgrade Notes

  • Fedora is no longer supported.

  • The cinder::backend::glusterfs resource type has been removed.

  • The cinder::backend::solidfire:sf_enable_volume_mapping parameter has been removed.

  • Support for Veritas HyperScale Block Storage driver has been removed.


New Features

  • The cinder::backend::dellemc_powerstore::powerstore_appliances parameter has been deprecated and has no effect now. This parameter will be removed in a future release.

  • The following parameters have been added to the cinder::glance class.

    • allowed_direct_url_schemes

    • verify_glance_signatures

    • glance_catalog_info

    • glance_core_properties

  • The new cinder::key_manager class has been added. This class manages basic options of key managers.

  • The new cinder::key_manager::barbican class has been added. This class manages options of BarbicanKeyManager.

  • There is now a new policy_dirs parameter in the cinder::policy class, so one can set a custom path.

  • The new cinder::api::use_forwarded_for parameter has been added.

  • A new class cinder::wsgi::uwsgi exist to allow configuring uwsgi in operating systems that support this (ie: currently Debian). This helps configuring the number of processes, threads and listen socket. Also, a new cinder_api_wsgi_config provider now exist.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following parameters of the cinder::api class have been removed. Use the same parameters of the cinder class.

    • keymgr_encryption_api_url

    • keymgr_encryption_auth_url

    • keymgr_backend

  • The support for HPE Lefthand driver has been removed.

  • Support for Nexenta Edge Driver has been removed.

  • Remove deprecated cinder::backend::dellemc_xtremio_iscsi. Use cinder::backend::dellemc_xtremio instead.

Deprecation Notes

  • The cinder::backend_host parameter has been deprecated and will be remove in a future release. Use the cinder::backends::backend_host parameter instead.

  • Passing a false value for cinder::backends::backend_host has been deprecated. Use $::os_service_default instead.

  • The cinder::api::keymgr_backend parameter has been deprecated. Use the cinder::key_manager class.

  • The following parameters of the cinder class have been deprecated in favor of the new cinder::key_manager::barbican class.

    • keymgr_encryption_api_url

    • keymgr_encryption_auth_url

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the cinder::backend_host parameter which was ignored when its value is defined in class definitions. Because of this, the cinder class should be declared before the cinder::backends class if the cinder::backend_host parameter is set.