Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add new parameter cinder::backend::pure::pure_iscsi_cidr_list which allows setting of the pure_iscsi_cidr_list option on the managed cinder backend for PureStorage.

  • Add support for NVMe to cinder::backend::pure_storage_protocol. Add new parameter cinder::backend::pure::pure_nvme_transport which defines the NVMe transport layer used when the NVMe driver is selected. This only supports roce at this time. Add new parameter cinder::backend::pure::pure_nvme_cidr which allows setting of the pure_nvme_cidr option on the managed cinder backend for PureStorage. Add new parameter cinder::backend::pure::pure_nvme_cidr_list which allows setting of the pure_nvme_cidr_list option on the managed cinder backend for PureStorage.


New Features

  • The cinder::wsgi::apache class now supports customizing request/response headers added by apache.

  • The cinder::backup::swift class now supports the backup_swift_service_auth parameter, which controls the [DEFAULT] backup_swift_service_auth option in cinder.conf.

  • The cinder class now supports the following three new parameters.

    • image_compress_on_upload

    • image_conversion_cpu_limit

    • image_conversion_address_space_limit

  • The new cinder::image_conversion_disable parameter has been added.

  • Introduce a new Class cinder::backend::defaults, that provides a way to configure parameters for all cinder backends in [backend_defaults] section of cinder configuration file. This parameter use_multipath_for_image_xfer is supported currently.

  • The following three parameters have been added to the cinder::scheduler::filter class.

    • capacity_weight_multiplier

    • allocated_capacity_weight_multiplier

    • volume_number_multiplier

  • The cinder::backend::san defined type now supports the san_api_port parameter.

  • The cinder::backend::solidfire defined type now supports the following new parameters.

    • sf_provisioning_calc

    • sf_cluster_pairing_timeout

    • sf_volume_pairing_timeout

    • sf_api_request_timeout

    • sf_volume_clone_timeout

    • sf_volume_create_timeout

  • The cinder::backend::emc_vnx resource type now supports the following parameters of EMC VNX driver.

    • destroy_empty_storage_group

    • iscsi_initiators

    • io_port_list

    • initiator_auto_deregistration

    • force_delete_lun_in_storagegroup

    • ignore_pool_full_threshold

    • vnx_async_migrate

Upgrade Notes

  • The following parameters of the cinder class have been removed.

    • keymgr_backend

    • keymgr_encryption_api_url

    • keymgr_encryption_auth_url

  • The following parameters of the cinder::backend::netapp defined resource type have been removed.

    • netapp_vfiler

    • netapp_partner_backend_name

    • netapp_webservice_path

    • netapp_controller_ips

    • netapp_sa_password

  • Default value of the cinder::wsgi::apache::ssl parameter has been changed from true to false and now ssl is disabled by default.

  • The cinder::backend_host parameter has been removed. Use the cinder::backends::backend_host parameter instead.

  • CentOS 8 Stream is no longer supported by this module.

  • The cinder::api::os_region_name parameter has been removed.

  • The cinder::qos defined resource type has been removed.

  • The cinder::enable_v3_api parameter has been removed.

  • The following deprecated parameters of the cinder::backend::solidfire defined resource type have been removed.

    • sf_template_account_name

    • sf_allow_template_caching

  • The cinder::backends::vmdk::volume_foler parameter and the cinder::backends::vmdk::task_poll_interval parameter now default to the service default values. Make sure these parameters are set if the previous default value should be used.

Deprecation Notes

  • The cinder::backend::nfs_disk_util parameter has been deprecated and has no effect. This parameter has had no effect since Havana release.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1986518: The cinder::backend::iscsi defined resource type now modifies the /etc/tgt/targets.conf file in Ubuntu and Debian, so that cinder can set up iscsi targets correctly.