Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Passes parameter to keystone authtoken define to manage python-memcache package install.


New Features

  • Configure keystonemiddleware in a consistent way with all options required for Keystone v3.

Deprecation Notes

  • designate::api::keystone_tenant is deprecated in favor of designate::keystone::authtoken::project_name.

  • designate::api::keystone_user is deprecated in favor of designate::keystone::authtoken::username.

  • designate::api::keystone_password is deprecated in favor of designate::keystone::authtoken::password.

  • designate::api::keystone_host, designate::api::keystone_port, designate::api::keystone_protocol are deprecated in favor of designate::keystone::authtoken::auth_uri and designate::keystone::authtoken::auth_url.

  • designate::api::keystone_memcached_servers is deprecated in favor of designate::keystone::authtoken::memcached_servers.

  • Passing a string to pool_target::options is now deprecated. This parameter should now be given as a hash.



puppet-designate now supports installation with RDO packaging and testing coverage has been largely improved for both RDO and Ubuntu Cloud Archive.

puppet-designate no longer manages the designate group and user as well as the folders /etc/designate and /var/lib/designate. These are expected to be provided by RDO and Ubuntu Cloud Archive packaging.

Upgrade Notes

  • puppet-designate no longer maintains a configuration directory (and it’s contents) in /var/lib/designate/bind9

Deprecation Notes

  • The class designate::dns has been deprecated. It took care of setting up the /var/lib/designate/bind9 directory and the zones.config file which are no longer managed by puppet-designate. Use designate::backend::bind9 instead.

Bug Fixes

  • The keystone auth class has been updated to provide a default service_name to allow a user to specify a custom auth_name that may not contain the name of the service.

  • the min_ttl parameter from designate::central now defaults to designate’s default.

  • puppet-designate now supports installation with RDO packaging

  • puppet-designate is now tested against RDO packaging and coverage has been improved in general

  • puppet-designate was made idempotent and is now tested for idempotency

  • puppet-designate no longer manages the ‘designate’ group and user

  • puppet-designate no longer manages the /etc/designate and /var/lib/designate folders


New Features

  • Add designate::mdns class, that can deploy Designate wth Mini DNS service.

  • Add Designate Pool Manager class.

  • Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backend.

  • Added SSL parameters for RabbitMQ.

  • Release notes are no longer maintained by hand, we now use the reno tool to manage them.

Deprecation Notes

  • rabbit_virtualhost is now deprecated and rabbit_virtual_host is now the right parameter to use.

  • verbose option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.

Other Notes

  • Drop all Qpid support, it was removed from Oslo in Mitaka.

  • Removed deprecated options for designate::keystone::auth class