Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The designate::wsgi::apache class now supports customizing request/response headers added by apache.

  • The designate::default_ttl parameter has been added.

  • The designate::host parameter has been added.

  • Added parameters for advanced configuration of httpd access and error log destinations including piped logging and syslog (see mod_syslog). Note that mod_syslog requires Apache2 >= 2.5.0.

  • The designate::mdns class now supports the following new parameters.

    • all_tcp

    • topic

    • xfer_timeout

  • The new designate::supported_record_type parameter has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • The designate::backend::bind9::rndc_host parameter has been removed.

  • The designate::producer::backend_url parameter has been removed.

  • The designate::sink::enabled_notification_handlers parameter no longer treats a false value to unset the parameter. Use $::os_service_default instead of the service default should be used.

  • Defualt value of the designate::backend::bind9::manage_pool parameter has been updated from false to true and the class now configures the pool by default.

  • CentOS 8 Stream is no longer supported by this module.

  • The designate::central::max_domain_name_len parameter has been removed.

  • The designate::neutron_endpoint_type parameter has been removed.

  • The designate::worker::worker_notify parameter has beenremoved.

  • The designate::zone_manager class has been removed.

  • The following parameters have been removed from the designate::worker class.

    • manage_package

    • service_ensure

Deprecation Notes

  • The designate::worker::worker_topic parameter has been deprecated in favor of the new designate::worker::topic parameter.