Xena Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Install python-boto3 automatically in order to satisfy s3 storage backend package dependencies. This can be disabled by setting the gnocchi::storage::s3::manage_boto3 parameter.


New Features

  • The new gnocchi::logging::watch_log_file parameter has been added.

  • Adds new purge_config parameter. When set to true, the policy file is cleared during configuration process. This allows to remove any existing rules before applying them or clean the file when all policies got removed.


New Features

  • The new gnocchi::storage::incoming::file class has been added. This class can be used to set up the file incoming driver.

Upgrade Notes

  • The gnocchi::storage::ceph::manage_rados parameters default value is now true.

  • Fedora is no longer supported.

Deprecation Notes

  • The gnocchi::storage::ceph::manage_cradox parameter is deprecated and has no effect.


New Features

  • The new gnocchi::policy::enforce_scope parameter has been added to support the corresponding parameter in oslo.policy library.

  • There is now a new policy_dirs parameter in the gnocchi::policy class, so one can set a custom path.

  • The new gnocchi::policy::enforce_new_defaults parameter has been added.

  • A new class gnocchi::wsgi::uwsgi exist to allow configuring uwsgi in operating systems that support this (ie: currently Debian). This helps configuring the number of processes, threads and listen socket. Also, a new gnocchi_api_wsgi_config provider now exist.