Rocky Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Added auth_strategy to ::mistral::api to configure the inclusion of ::mistral::keystone::authtoken during the api configuration. Set this to something other than ‘keystone’ to have ::mistral::api not include the authtoken configuration.

  • The deprecated parameters evaluation_interval and older_than in mistral::executor is now removed. Please use evaluation_interval and older_than in mistral::engine instead.

  • The deprecated parameters keystone_user, keystone_password, keystone_tenant, identity_uri and auth_uri in ::mistral is now removed. Please use username, password, project_name, auth_url and www_authenticate_uri in ::mistral::keystone::authtoken instead.


Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated mistral::rabbit_host, mistral::rabbit_hosts, mistral::rabbit_password, mistral::rabbit_port, mistral::rabbit_userid and mistral::rabit_virtual_host are now removed. Please use mistral::default_transport_url instead.


New Features

  • Add new parameters that allow configuring notifier settings.

  • Adds the pool_timeout option for configuring oslo.db. This will configure this value for pool_timeout with SQLAlchemy.

  • Add openstack-db tag to Exec that run db-sync.

Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated keystone::authtoken::revocation_cache_time option has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • auth_uri is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use www_authenticate_uri instead.