Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new ovn::controller::ovn_monitor_all parameter has been added.

  • The new ovn::controller::ovn_ofctrl_wait_before_clear parameter has been added to resolve an issue with dataplane downtime during upgrades that involve OVN schema changes. It will delay delting and re-adding openflow rules by the configured time in ms to give ovn-controller time to handle db connection / reconnection that can happen in this case. The default of 8000ms is based on upstream OVN testing with 200k openflow rules. Since it involved a change in behavior, the upstream OVN value defaults to unset.


New Features

  • The new ovn::controller::ovn_chassis_mac_map parameter has been added. For distributed vlan in ovn we need to set mac addresses per compute in external_ids:ovn-chassis-mac-mappings


New Features

  • Added new param for puppet to set ovn_openflow_probe_interval which is inactivity probe interval of the OpenFlow connection to the OpenvSwitch integration bridge, in seconds. If the value is zero, it disables the connection keepalive feature, by default this value is set on 60s. If the value is nonzero, then it will be forced to a value of at least 5s.


New Features

  • This parameter sets inactive probe interval of the JSON session from ovn-controller to the OVN SB database. By default this it is 5s which not be sufficient in loaded systems or during high control-plane activity spikes, leading to unnecessary reconnections to OVSDB server. Now it is extended by default to 1 min and it is configurable.