Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new ovn::controller::ovn_ofctrl_wait_before_clear parameter has been added to resolve an issue with dataplane downtime during upgrades that involve OVN schema changes. It will delay delting and re-adding openflow rules by the configured time in ms to give ovn-controller time to handle db connection / reconnection that can happen in this case. The default of 8000ms is based on upstream OVN testing with 200k openflow rules. Since it involved a change in behavior, the upstream OVN value defaults to unset.


New Features

  • The new ovn::controller::encap_tos parameter has been added. This parameter controls the ovn-encap-tos external id.


New Features

  • The new ovn::controller::ovn_monitor_all parameter has been added.


New Features

  • The new ovn::controller::ovn_chassis_mac_map parameter has been added. For distributed vlan in ovn we need to set mac addresses per compute in external_ids:ovn-chassis-mac-mappings

Deprecation Notes

  • The ovn::controller::enable_hw_offload parameter has been deprecated. Use the same parameter of vswitch::ovs or vswitch::dpdk instead.