Xena Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The tempest class no longer installes a python3-<service>-tests package, unless the package provides tempest plugins.

  • Now the python3-keystone-tests-tempest package is installed instead of the python3-keyston-tests package in CentOS and RHEL.

  • Default value of the tempest::tempest_repo_uri parameter has been updated and now the OpenDev repository is used instead of Github.


New Features

  • Support for the [validation] ssh_key_type parameter has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • The [image-feature-enabled] api_v1 parameter is now set to False by default.


New Features

  • The following parameters of the tempest class has been removed.

    • tenant_name

    • alt_tenant_name

    • admin_tenant_name

    • allow_tenant_isolation


Upgrade Notes

  • Fedora is no longer supported.

Deprecation Notes

  • The tempest::panko_available parameter has been deprecated and has no effect.


Deprecation Notes

  • The img_dir parameter is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. The img_file parameter must be set with a full path to the image that should be used.


Deprecation Notes

  • The congress_available is now deprecated since Congress is retired.



FWaaS tempest plugin has been moved from neutron-fwaas repo to the new neutron-tempest-plugin.

Deprecation Notes

  • Parameter neutron_fwaas_available has been deprecated and it’s does not affect tempest plugins installation.



In this release Ubuntu has moved all projects that supported it to python3 which means that there will be a lot of changes. The Puppet OpenStack project does not test the upgrade path from python2 to python3 packages so there might be manual steps required when moving to the python3 packages.

Upgrade Notes

  • Ubuntu packages are now using python3, the upgrade path is not tested by Puppet OpenStack. Manual steps may be required when upgrading.


New Features

  • Add some options to configure tempest for ironic.


Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated ensure_package option has been removed.


New Features

  • Add Barbican Tempest plugin support.

Deprecation Notes

  • The Keystone project is removing the API v2 code in the Queens cycle. To adapt to this, the keystone_v2 and auth_version default values have been changed to false and v3, respectively.


New Features

  • Add BGPVPN Tempest plugin support

  • Add L2GW Tempest plugin support


New Features

  • Add Octavia Tempest plugin support.

  • When ec2api is enabled, install the tests packages from RDO.

  • The new neutron_api_extensions parameter allows to configure tempest to execute only tests that don’t rely on anything beyond the list of API extensions specified by the parameter.

Deprecation Notes

  • tempest::ensure_package is now deprecated and will be removed in the future release. Please use tempest::package_ensure instead.


New Features

  • Added manifests to install tempest from package


New Features

  • Add Panko Tempest plugin support.


New Features

  • Add support for Congress tests.

  • Add support for Watcher tests.


Other Notes

  • The verbose option was marked to be removed in Ocata, in Newton the option was deprecated.


New Features

  • Add support to test Designate.


New Features

  • Add support for Gnocchi tests.

  • Add support for Tempest plugin packages.

  • Add new services support for Sahara, Zaqar, Ironic, Murano.

  • Add parameters needed when running SSL deployments.

  • Allow to run puppet-tempest on standalone, by switching id setters to openstackclient instead of catalog resource indirections.

  • Installation of python-openstackclient by default and make sure the package is installed before executing our providers that use OpenStack APIs.

  • Switch to puppet-oslo resource usage (instead of manual configuration file editing).

  • Release notes are no longer maintained by hand, we now use the reno tool to manage them.

Deprecation Notes

  • Rename deprecated configuration options including the “tenant” term.

  • verbose parameter is deprecated and does nothing. It will be removed after Newton cycle.