Train Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The command-line client now parses floating IP reservation values when using the lease-update command. Note that while accepted by the client, the Blazar service may prevent the update of some floating IP reservation values.

  • Parse the required_floatingips command-line parameter as a list instead of a string, to pass it to the API in the expected format. For example, this parameter can be used in the following fashion:

    blazar lease-create --reservation 'resource_type=virtual:floatingip,network_id=81fabec7-00ae-497a-b485-72f4bf187d3e,amount=2,required_floatingips=["",""]' fip-lease

    For more details, see bug 1843258.


New Features

  • Added support for operators to manage reservable floating IPs using the following new commands:

    • floatingip-create

    • floatingip-delete

    • floatingip-list

    • floatingip-show

  • Added support for users to create floating IP reservations using the virtual:floatingip resource type.