Xena Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add openstackclient plugin support, enabling blazar commands to be used within the openstack CLI.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes creation of instance reservations when no affinity value is provided, in which case affinity is set to None.


Deprecation Notes

  • The blazar command-line client has switched to the keystoneauth1.loading module. As a result, the following options are deprecated:

    • --service-type (use --os-service-type instead)

    • --endpoint-type (use --os-interface instead)

    The following options have been removed:

    • --os-auth-strategy (this option had not effect)

    • --os_auth_strategy (this option had not effect)

    • --os_auth_url (use --os-auth-url instead)

    • --os_project_name (use --os-project-name instead)

    • --os_project_id (use --os-project-id instead)

    • --os_project_domain_name (use --os-project-domain-name instead)

    • --os_project_domain_id (use --os-project-domain-id instead)

    • --os_tenant_name (use --os-project-name or --os-tenant-name instead)

    • --os_username (use --os-username instead)

    • --os_user_domain_name (use --os-user-domain-name instead)

    • --os_user_domain_id (use --os-user-domain-id instead)

    • --os_token (use --os-token instead)


Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2 is no longer supported. Python 3 is required.


Bug Fixes

  • The command-line client now parses floating IP reservation values when using the lease-update command. Note that while accepted by the client, the Blazar service may prevent the update of some floating IP reservation values.

  • Parse the required_floatingips command-line parameter as a list instead of a string, to pass it to the API in the expected format. For example, this parameter can be used in the following fashion:

    blazar lease-create --reservation 'resource_type=virtual:floatingip,network_id=81fabec7-00ae-497a-b485-72f4bf187d3e,amount=2,required_floatingips=["",""]' fip-lease

    For more details, see bug 1843258.


New Features

  • Added support for operators to manage reservable floating IPs using the following new commands:

    • floatingip-create

    • floatingip-delete

    • floatingip-list

    • floatingip-show

  • Added support for users to create floating IP reservations using the virtual:floatingip resource type.


Upgrade Notes

  • When creating a lease using the CLI client, the default value for start date was changed to use the string ‘now’, which is resolved to the current time on the server rather than on the client. Note that if the request is sent at the end of a minute and interpreted by the service at the beginning of the next minute, this can result in leases that are one minute shorter than what the user might expect, as the end date is still specified by the client. Users who care about the exact timing of their leases should explicitly specify both start and end dates.

Bug Fixes

  • When the blazar CLI client got an error code from the blazar server, it didn’t display error messages created in the blazar server. Instead, it displayed messages created in keystoneauth with poor information. See the bug report for example. It was fixed to display original error messages which include useful information.

  • Creating a lease using the CLI client without specifying a start date no longer fails if the request is sent to the Blazar service just before the end of a minute. For more details, see bug 1783296.

  • The region name value provided via an environment variable or a command line argument is now respected by the client. Without this fix, the wrong reservation endpoint could be selected in a multi-region cloud.