Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add ‘vnf_ids’ and ‘vnffg_ids’ fields in outputs from network service list command. Users can know which VNFs or VNFFGs, belongs to specific NS. Add ‘ns_id’ field to VNFFG list command, that shows the network service the current VNFFG belongs to.

Bug Fixes

  • The VNFFGD CLI cannot show the VNFFGD template.

  • Fix the VNFFG update osc command misusing create_vnffg function.


Deprecation Notes

  • tacker CLI is deprecated, will be deleted after Rocky release. Use openstack CLI instead.


New Features

  • Enable CLI to support clustering service in Tacker Server.

  • Add python-vnfd, vnf, nsd, ns, vnffgd, vnffg, event commands support.

Bug Fixes

  • Add documentation for python-tackerclient.

  • Fix local test fail with pypy.