Yoga Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. Last release of python-tackerclient to support python 2.7 is OpenStack Train. The minimum version of Python now supported by python-tackerclient is Python 3.6.


New Features

  • Add ‘vnf_ids’ and ‘vnffg_ids’ fields in outputs from network service list command. Users can know which VNFs or VNFFGs, belongs to specific NS. Add ‘ns_id’ field to VNFFG list command, that shows the network service the current VNFFG belongs to.

Bug Fixes

  • The VNFFGD CLI cannot show the VNFFGD template.

  • Fix the VNFFG update osc command misusing create_vnffg function.


Deprecation Notes

  • tacker CLI is deprecated, will be deleted after Rocky release. Use openstack CLI instead.


New Features

  • Enable CLI to support clustering service in Tacker Server.

  • Add python-vnfd, vnf, nsd, ns, vnffgd, vnffg, event commands support.

Bug Fixes

  • Add documentation for python-tackerclient.

  • Fix local test fail with pypy.


New Features

  • Support to create directly VNFFG and NS from its descriptor template without creating VNFFGD and NSD.

  • As user gives input of project and user name in vim_config.yaml, delete the user and project id from the vim specific commands output.


New Features

  • VIM can be updated without config-file argument in tacker vim-update command.


New Features

  • CLIs to onboard Network Services Descriptor (NSD) based on TOSCA Simple Profile for NFV and to create Network Services using NSD to create multiple related VNFs using a single TOSCA template.

  • Support to create VNF with direct VNFD template input from CLI.

Deprecation Notes

  • Direct YAML input of any kind is now deprecated. Only file based YAML input is supported. This deprecation is across all resources like VNFFGD template, VNFD template and VNF configuration input.


New Features

  • Add support for multi delete feature for resources.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove passing mgmt and infra driver from client.


New Features

  • Adds new CLI command ‘vnf-resource-list’ to view VNF resources, such as VDU, CP, etc.

  • Add client support for VNFFG.

Deprecation Notes

  • infra_driver and mgmt_driver attributes in VNFD client attribute is deprecated and will be removed in Ocata.


New Features

  • Made VNFD/VNF/VIM names mandatory in tacker CLI.