v2.0.0 Release Notes

2.0.0 Release Notes



Improve nova discovery settings

Use healthcheck api for determine swift service availability

New Features

  • When –test-accounts parameter (specifying a path to a accounts.yaml file) is used, don’t write any user credentials to tempest.conf. This will make it easier for users who run tempest tests with accounts.yaml file and want to share their tempest.conf without exposing their credentials.

  • Because of integration of the tool with refstack-client a new parameter, –create-accounts-file, is added. The parameter defines a path where a minimal accounts.yaml file will be created. The accounts.yaml file is important in refstack testing, because the tests are run with non admin credentials. Therefor to make it easier for refstack users, if a user doesn’t specify a path to an existing accounts.yaml file (via test_accounts parameter), but uses a create_accounts_file instead, the file will be created in the specified location and set to the tempest.conf as test_accounts_file under auth section. For this feature a new requirement is specified - PyYAML.

  • The deployer-input file will be loaded automatically if exists in the default path, which is ~/tempest-deployer-input.conf. This will fix the cases that user forgot to add –deployer-input and python-tempestconf forgot some configuration due of that. Also a new argument (–no-default-deployer) is added, which will make python-tempestconf not to load the file automatically.

  • Add support for volume api microversion. It discovers the minimum and maximum the microversion and set them under volume section in tempest.conf.

  • The tempest config tool now can configure tempest.conf with the necessary values, to interact with and test Octavia network load balancing as a service.

  • Allow all users irrespective of Admin and non-admin to upload images to glance and generate image_ref and image_ref_alt for compute.

  • image.http_image name is set based on the image name passed or if not passed is taken from the default one.

  • Remove the requirement of a default-overrides.conf file when user is not executing python-tempestconf inside an initialized tempest directory.

  • validation.image_sh_user option is heavily used in CI and it’s also needed in refstack. Therefor the value is set to cirros automatically from now everytime when image used is cirros. The hardcoded value in default-overrides.conf is removed.

  • Discover when there is more than one compute node and set the resize option according, when the tool is executed with admin credentials. Set by default the console_output to true.

  • Discover swift service only when healthcheck api is working otherwise set it to false. It also removes hardcoded values from swift.

Upgrade Notes

  • etc/default-overrides.conf is removed and is no longer used or read. Important default values were moved to load_basic_defaults method.

  • Use of ‘tenant’ wherever it’s set to tempest.conf, is replaced by ‘project’. This is part 1 of the tenant->project transition.

Other Notes

  • The following options are moved from identity section:
    • admin_username

    • admin_password

    • admin_project_name

    to auth section as this is done in Tempest since Tempest 12.

  • By this change compute.image_ssh_user is removed from default-overrides.conf too, because it was deprecated. All of the image_ssh_user values from different sections were moved to validation section by this change:


    Since that change, there is only one image_ssh_user value and it’s the one under validation section.