v2.1.0 Release Notes

2.1.0 Release Notes


New Features

  • –append argument appends a value or values to the specified section.key pair. It may be helpful in cases when a user wants to add custom extensions to tempest.conf in an automated job. Argument format for adding values: [–append SECTION.KEY=VALUE[,VALUE]]

    If a section or an option specified in CLI does not exist, tempestconf will inform a user about that in logging output.

  • –profile argument specifies a path to a profile.yaml file which contains definitions of python-tempestconf arguments.

    NOTE: If this argument is used, other arguments cannot be defined, it means a user uses either CLI arguments or profile.yaml file.

    A user can generate a sample profile.yaml file using –generate-profile argument. The sample contains definitions of all python-tempestconf arguments set to their default values.

    NOTE: If this argument is used, python-tempestconf ends right after the a sample profile.yaml file is generated.