Pike Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix the creation issue when special meanings words in queue name. When using zaqarclient to create a queue with some special meanings words like “#” and “%”, then cli will return the queue with the name has created successfully, but in zaqar server side, the name is not as same as the client side. Add the check for some special meanings words, it will raise error message when using those words in queue name.

  • Change zaqarclient command to keep the same format like other project does. the consistent command format is ‘openstack messaging XXX’. Marks those old commands as deprecated and will remove them after Queen release.


New Features

  • Support ‘openstack queue list –detailed’ in openstackclient to query the detailed queue list from Zaqar server. The detailed information includes queue’s Name, Metadata and Href.

  • Allow post and list messages with CLI so that user can easily verify Zaqar’s messaging functions with command line.

Bug Fixes

  • The “os” prefix for project id has been dropped to keep the same with OpenStack and Keystone Client. To keep the backwards compatibility, the “os” prefix still can be used. And it’ll be removed in the next release.