Ocata Series Release Notes



Add support for the new Neutron tenant RBAC policy functionality. This allows networks to be shared across tenants.

Introduce a pipeline architecture to configure publishers for resource plugins.

Added ‘size’ and ‘from’ as synonyms of ‘limit’ and ‘offset’, to closer match the Elasticsearch API.

When user requests a reindex by specifying –type parameter, searchlight may copy existing Elasticsearch data to reindex, if these old indices or type mappings are missing, newly created indices will have incomplete resource data.

Some Neutron ports that do not send notificatons to Searchlight. Do not initially index them.

In Elasticsearch 2.x field names cannot contain ‘.’, so when indexing document with property contains ‘.’ in field name, it will fail with error “cannot contain ‘.’”.

New Features

  • Adds notification handler for nova server group.

  • Notifications for flavor are now supported.

  • Adds ironic plugin with nodes, ports and chassis support.

  • Add support for the new Neutron tenant RBAC policy functionality. This allows networks to be shared across tenants.

  • Publishers can be configured at plugin level or top level in configuration file. When Searchlight does incremental updates via notifications, configured publishers will receive information about modified resources and publish them to subscribers outside Searchlight.

  • Adds on option “–notification-less” to “searchlight-manage index sync” to re-sync only plugins that don’t have notifications.

  • In order to more closely match the Elasticsearch API, ‘size’ and ‘from’ can be used in place of ‘limit’ and ‘offset’.

  • Add “error” notification level processing to listener.

Known Issues

  • The projects list will not present in the flavor related versioned notifications if you update the flavor access only because of a lazy-loaded bug in nova.

Upgrade Notes

  • To enable the notifications for flavor you need to config notifications_topics_exchanges = versioned_notifications,nova under section resource_plugin:os_nova_flavor

  • If you want to search field contains ‘.’, you need to replace ‘.’ with ‘++’, e.g. ‘sahara_tag_2.7.1’ -> ‘sahara_tag_2++7++1’.

  • Need to specify auth_type or auth_plugin(deprecated) to v2password in service_credentials group to make index work properly if you were using keystone v2 auth.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that incomplete types may be copyed during reindex. Add checks about data integrity before copying existing Elasticsearch data, warn user if there is any missing index or type mapping and exit. Users can suppress exit behavior by using force parameter.

  • Searchlight is indexing unused Neutron ports. Some Neutron ports do not result in notifications to Searchlight. We do not want to initially index them.

  • Replace ‘.’ with ‘++’ when saving documents to Elasticsearch, and convert back when searching results.