Pike Series Release Notes

Pike Series Release Notes



Added support for neutron security groups and security group rules.

No longer index the data of child plugins as part of indexing a parent plugin, which fixes ConflictErrors occurring specifying parent plugins as the argument to searchlight-manage index sync –type.

Some Neutron ports that do not send notifications to Searchlight. Do not initially index them.

New Features

  • Added suppport for neutron security groups and security group rules (OS::Neutron::SecurityGroup).
  • Provide a script of WSGI application for web servers to deploy Searchlight API service.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1584148 Version conflict during re-indexing
  • Searchlight is indexing unused Neutron ports. Some Neutron ports do not result in notifications to Searchlight. We do not want to initially index them.

Other Notes

  • In mitaka, indexing a parent plugin also reindexed the data for any children it had. That is no longer the case.
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