Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an optimization in the logic to find floating ips first when looking for public ip addresses broke finding the correct private address.


New Features

  • The created field which was returned by the Nova API is now returned as created_at as well when not using strict mode for consistency with other models.

Known Issues

  • The openstacksdk dependency lists >=0.9.19, however the ACTUAL lower-bound is 0.11.2, which is the version of openstacksdk released with Queens. Since the dependency does not have an upper bound, installing shade from pip will result in the correct thing.

Other Notes

  • In preparation for being a compat layer during the Rocky timeframe, shade now depends on openstacksdk and gets all of its dependencies as transitive depends through openstacksdk. Subsequent shade releases will begin replacing code inside of shade and will instead call the openstacksdk copies of the relevant code. The shade backwards compat contract remains in place and users should not notice any regressions.


New Features

  • Add tags support when creating a stack, as specified by the openstack orchestration api at [1]


  • availability_zone_hints now accepted for create_network() when network_availability_zone extension is enabled on target cloud.

  • availability_zone_hints now accepted for create_router() when router_availability_zone extension is enabled on target cloud.


New Features

  • Added a new property, ‘current_user_id’ which contains the id of the currently authenticated user from the token.

  • Added methods for making new cloud connections based on the current OpenStackCloud. This should enable working more easily across projects or user accounts.

  • If shade has to create objects in swift to upload an image, it will now delete those objects upon successful image creation as they are no longer needed. They will also be deleted on fatal import errors.

  • Added new method, delete_autocreated_image_objects that can be used to delete any leaked objects shade may have created on behalf of the user.


New Features

  • Added group parameter to create_server to allow booting a server into a specific server group.

  • server creation errors now include the server id in the Exception to allow people to clean up.

  • Added a set_volume_bootable call to allow toggling the bootable state of a volume.



Fixed a bug where a project was always enabled upon update, unless enabled=False is passed explicitly.

New Features

  • Added flag “show_all” to list_images. The behavior of Glance v2 to only show shared images if they have been accepted by the user can be confusing, and the only way to change it is to use search_images(filters=dict(member_status=’all’)) which isn’t terribly obvious. “show_all=True” will set that flag, as well as disabling the filtering of images in “deleted” state.

  • Version discovery is now done via the keystoneauth library. shade still has one behavioral difference from default keystoneauth behavior, which is that shade will use a version it understands if it can find one even if the user has requested a different version. This change opens the door for shade to start being able to consume API microversions as needed.

Upgrade Notes

  • keystoneauth version 3.2.0 or higher is required because of version discovery.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 2001080] Project update will only update the enabled field of projects when enabled=True or enabled=False is passed explicitly. The previous behavior had enabled=True as the default.