Stein Series Release Notes



The relationship between shade and openstacksdk has been decoupled and the shade library is now officially in maintenance mode. Bugfixes are welcome, and the library remains supported, but no new features will be accepted. Developers are strongly encouraged to migrate to openstacksdk which has the same code but is being actively driven forward.

New Features

  • The networking API v2 specification, which is implemented by OpenStack Neutron, features an optional routes parameter - when updating a router (PUT requests). Static routes are crucial for routers to handle traffic from subnets not directly connected to a router. The routes parameter has now been added to the OpenStackCloud.update_router method as a list of dictionaries with destination and nexthop parameters.

  • create_network now exposes the mtu api option in accordance to network v2 api. This allows the operator to adjust the given MTU value which is needed in various complex network deployments.

Bug Fixes

  • Re-added support for v4-fixed-ip and v6-fixed-ip in the nics parameter to create_server. These are aliaes for fixed_ip provided by novaclient which shade used to use. The switch to REST didn’t include support for these aliases, resulting in a behavior regression.