2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Check the JWT expire by the time_expired in the cookie for each request.

  • Add config/config.yaml to set the default configurations of host, port and server. For the development, you can add config/local_config.yaml, to set custom host, port, server, the config/local_config.yaml file is gitignored.

  • Add clear selected button to clear all the selected data for the select-table and tab-select-table component.

  • Support custom local language:

    • The globalVariables in the config.yaml support default language and all support languages.

    • Use globalVariables in the local_config.yaml to support custom local languages and custom support languages.

    • If only one support language, the switch language icon will been auto hidden.

  • Support domain name fuzzy search:

    • Support domain name fuzzy search in the user list page.

    • Support domain name fuzzy search in the user group list page.

    • Support domain name fuzzy search in the project list page.

  • Support Korean I18n:

    • Korean language switching is supported on the login page.

    • Support switch Korean in the avatar hover box on the upper right of the page after logged in.

    • Support automatic collection of Korean i18n file.

  • Added “Admin State Up” switch to load balancer steps base, listener, pool and health monitor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the label of node count in magnum cluster

    Unify the name of the label between detail page and creating step

  • Bug #2003303 <https://bugs.launchpad.net/skyline-console/+bug/2003303>:

    Fix the network IP availability showing by role.

    By default policy configuration, only administrative users can retrieve IP availability.

    Otherwise, Not Found (404) will be returned.