Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Support unrestricted attribute for application credentials

    • The unrestricted attribute is an optional flag to restrict whether the application credential may be used for the creation or destruction of other application credentials or trusts. Defaults to false.

  • Support disable/enable SNAT for router:

    • Support disable SNAT when the router’s enable_snat is true.

    • Support enable SNAT when the router’s enable_snat is false.

  • Support Fwaas V2:

    • Support firewall group page: a tab list page includes firewall group tab, firewall policy tab and firewall rule tab.

    • Support firewall page both in the console and administrator.

    • Support firewall quota info in the overview page in the console.

    • Support update firewall quota in the project’s action in administrator.

  • Support instance info for the openstack service monitor in the administrator:

    • Add the instance info below the host of the openstack services.

  • Support non-root users can log in to VM:

    • When creating a vm/ironic, log in with a password. The username is required. The username comes from the image configuration or user input. Non-root is supported.

  • feat: Adding log feature to Nova instance detail page. Log tab has been added to the Nova instance detail interface.